What is your background?

I started my healthy lifestyle journey 15 years ago. After finishing my undergraduate work and starting my first teaching position I had developed a lot of poor diet and exercise habits. I was unhealthy, lacked energy, and did not feel comfortable in my body. I started off by giving up soda pop and lost 20 pounds with zero effort. I felt better, but still had further to go. 8 years ago when I started my current teaching position at Sylvania School I made it a goal to run my first 5k without stopping. I had been a track coach for a number of years and always felt I was cheating by not running and working out with my athletes. I’ve always felt a coach should be willing/able to do what they ask of their athletes. I succeeded on thanksgiving day and was promptly encouraged/told to sign up for more races at ever increasing distance. I enjoyed running and felt good and my body transformed. Lost a good amount of body fat.

What brought you to Renegade Fitness in the first place?

About 4 years ago a running friend talked me into trying renegade out. I was reluctant because I felt I was burning enough calories just running. I was okay with my weight and was able to run. At first, renegade was pretty challenging and I remember yelling once or twice at Jen when we did too much leg work or I couldn’t exactly figure out kettlebell swings.

Thankfully at the time everyone including Chuck, Jen, Chris, and had been patient and often times modifying exercises to meet my needs.

What kind of success have you had?

After working out for a period of time I noticed an increase in my overall running performance!


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