I’m a lifelong resident of Sylvania. I attended St. John’s Jesuit High School and the University of Toledo where I received a Bachelor’s degree in Finance. I then attended Ashland University where I received a Master’s degree in Exercise Science with a focus in Strength and Conditioning. I held an internship at Eastern Michigan University where I worked with the Strength and Conditioning coaches to train athletes in various sports. I’ve worked in the fitness/wellness industry for 5 years, working as a personal trainer at various gyms, as well as a Wellness Specialist for ProMedica. I am currently transitioning out of a career in accounting in an effort to work in the fitness/strength training world full time.

My family is all from the Toledo area, so I’m quite familiar with it and feel a real sense of connection with the community. I have been attending Rocket football and basketball games for as long as I can remember, and continue to do so to this day. Outside of sports and fitness, my number one passion is film. I am a total cinephile and can watch/talk movies all day, every day. I probably go to the theater an average of 2-3 times per week. Seriously, if you are at all into movies let me know because I am always game for a conversation on that subject.

Goals with coaching and joining the RF community

I joined Renegade Fitness because I wanted to work in the fitness industry again, but I specifically sought out a job with RF because I was impressed with their methodology. I believe that they really care about each individual and make an effort to ensure that everyone gets the help they need to live a healthier life; there is nothing cookie-cutter about this place. I am also going to be working at St. John’s Jesuit as a Strength and Conditioning Coach because I get a real sense of fulfillment out of working with athletes and it is something I truly enjoy.

Current fitness routine and/or goals

My current fitness routine is primarily powerlifting focused. I spend a lot of time with barbells performing the Squat, Bench Press, and Deadlift along with variations of those movements and accessories to help me improve upon them. I have competed at a powerlifting meet in the past, and am training with the intention to register for another.

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