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Teresa and Mike Walkovich

What brought you to Renegade Fitness in the first place?

I first came to Renegade with a friend in 2013 at 45 yrs old. I had gained almost 30 lbs after having my three daughters which I was having trouble losing, and I was stressed out trying to care for my elderly parents as an only child prior to their passing. I had already embarked on a fitness journey with a private trainer but I was looking for a friendly, social environment with more consistency and accountability. Mike joined me a few months later as we were looking for ways to grow as a couple, spend more time together, as well as getting healthier together.

What is your favorite part about Renegade Fitness?

Mike and I consider our workouts at Renegade mini dates together, and we spent part of our 24th Wedding Anniversary this past month working out first. We both work in the medical field (Mike is a Doctor and I am an RN) and we both have a good working knowledge with regards to nutrition and exercise, however Renegade Fitness added to our knowledge base and gave us more practical things to apply to meal planning and exercise.

What kind of success have you had so far?

Renegade has helped us both add to our other workouts and helped to prepare Mike at 50 yrs old to compete in and finish a full Ironman race in 2015. Our training also helped to prepare me at almost 50 yrs old to train for and compete in a bikini fitness competition in 2016. Our oldest daughter has also joined us in the summertime when she has been home from college and its become a fun family affair!

We have both made many friends at Renegade Fitness, and have been able to socialize with parents and teachers from our daughters’ school Southview as well.

We both hope to possibly compete again in the future sometime, and Renegade is helping us to condition and strength train to maintain our good health and physical condition in preparation for that.

Thank you Renegade for your commitment to helping people live a healthy lifestyle!

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