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6 Tips For Winter Fitness Motivation

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6 Tips For Winter Fitness Motivation

The colder weather is officially here. Fitness casual or fitness expert we all can have a hard time in winter.


Cold days and less sunlight make it hard to get out of bed or back out to the car after you get home from work. There are simple ways to get motivated when the weather outside is less than delightful. 


The goal is to remove as many obstacles as possible and make small changes that can make staying active easier until the warmer months arrive. We also know from all that has happened this year how important exercise is for not only our physical health but also our mental health.


Here are 6 tips on how to motivate yourself to stay active in the winter:

  1. Schedule Your Workouts 

Schedule your workouts just like you would any other appointment. This helps by showing that you do have the time to exercise because it has already been accounted for in your day and week. Give your workout the same value you would a date with a friend or any appointment at work. You wouldn’t cancel those appointments last minute. Your health and wellness deserve just as much importance. 

  1. Get An Accountability Partner 

Accountability partners provide social support. It’s much easier to get something done when you know someone else is depending on you. It doesn't take much.  The simple fact that knowing someone is waiting for you or doing the same routine from a distance is usually just enough incentive to get moving. 

  1. Remember Why You Started 

It sounds super simple right? Remembering why you want to get healthy or stay healthy is an important factor to keep you going. You won’t be able to rely on motivation alone. 

How often do you actually feel motivated enough to do something? Now think about it…how long does that feeling last?

Feeling motivated doesn’t last. So you absolutely can’t rely on ‘feeling’ motivated enough to do something consistently.


Instead focus back to your ‘why’ and continue to build  on consistent actions each day until it becomes a habit and just what you do.


  1. Focus On The Mental Health Benefits 

It’s usually best to take more of a maintenance approach to our fitness around the Holiday seasons which can then take longer for us to reach our physical goals. 

The mental health benefits, on the other hand, happen almost immediately. People feel better, less stressed and more relaxed, which may be especially important during a year when depression is at an all time high. 


  1. Stay Ready 

If you are an early AM workout warrior: lay out everything you will need for the morning the night before. Our first group session starts at 5:30 in the studio which means most of us don’t want to be fumbling around trying to find clothes and shoes at 5am or earlier. 


If you are a PM workout warrior: you get the same advice as the early AM crew. If you head to the gym at your lunch break or right after work, pack your clothes the night before. You have enough to do to get out the door in the morning before the day starts. By doing this one thing the night before, you could free up and extra 5-10 value minutes. 


If you get home before you go back out, change into your clothes right away. This simple task will put you on the right path and mindset with little effort. 

  1. At Home Options 

We understand, you joined a gym because doing it on your own wasn’t gonna cut it OR you find yourself needing that outlet. But sometimes no matter how many tricks we use to set us up to make it into the gym it’s cold, it’s dark and we just run out of time.  


Remember your ‘why’ and also remember that consistency breads results. You can still remain consistent and on target with goals by using a back up at-home workout!  It may not be your preferred, but it gets you moving and keeps you consistent. Login to a follow-along workout when the day gets away from you and the ability to reach the gym is not an option until tomorrow. 


Like anything in life, preparation and planning is key. We live in an area that the seasons start to provide road blocks. It is natural to take pause when these road blocks present themselves.


Use some of these strategies to stay ahead of them this year. 


Coach Chris

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