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December Renegade of the month

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December Renegade of the month

What brought you to Renegade Fitness in the first place?

I believe that many women spend most of their life taking care of others and there comes a time when we wake up and decide to take some of our life back, to start taking care of ourselves again.
That day came for me when I walked through the doors at Renegade Fitness several years ago and started a new journey. 

I had definitely put my health and well being on the back burner and it was time to start focusing on a healthier life.  I must admit I am a sucker for Facebook adds and when I scrolled across an add for Renegade Fitness I decided to try it.  I will also admit that I was little intimidated, intimidated by " a work out place", intimidated by starting something new that I knew would be a challenge. 

I was instantly taken aback by the kindness of Chris and Jen and their dedication to all of their clients and their fitness journeys. They were very welcoming and since that time, they have continued to care about me and making sure that I am getting the most out of the classes at Renegade. It took a good month to find my niche, figure out the weights, try to start doing the exercises correctly with good form and to start saying hi to fellow members. Since then, I have never looked back and I have been 100% engaged in my physical fitness. 

I keep coming for many reasons, most importantly I appreciate Renegade's continued dedication to all of us, especially this year, I love the community and the people at Renegade and I have NEVER been bored. They strive to keep our workouts fresh, interesting, challenging and they are ALWAYS on time. 

What are your current health/fitness goals?

To continue to make time for me, to continue my dedication to a variety of training exercises. I am continually working on improving my dietary selections. I have tried so many diets, drinks, pills, etc to try to lose weight, but I have been most intrigued by the Balanced Habits nutrition program and the 28 Day Kick Start programs that Jen has introduced me to. Out of everything I have tried, studied, etc, this program makes the most sense to me.  My focus for 2021 is going to be DAILY healthy, mindful eating.

What kind of success have you had?

My biggest success has been in strengthening my body. Growing up, I was an avid runner and never really thought of strength training as "a thing".  Being introduced to strength training has been a life changer. I know my body is stronger, my core is tighter, my posture has improved. I enjoy running and other cardiovascular exercise so much more now because I can feel that my body is in better shape.

I also know that my mental health is in a much better place now. I feel so good after each and every workout and I know it makes me a better person. Especially this year, exercise has "saved" me in terms of coping with this pandemic. What better way to deal with anxiety, depression, frustration, etc than a nice hard work out?

What is your favorite thing about Renegade Fitness?

Most definitely, my favorite thing about Renegade is the people. I love the coaching staff and their enthusiasm for exercise. They are constantly encouraging us to do our best, challenge ourselves a little and to just show UP!

I also love that there is a variety of people working out at Renegade from the truly "buff", to the marathon trainees, to the super healthy super fit group to the good old moms like me. I like that we all work out together and that there is no judging, only encouragement and nice, familiar faces, and maybe a few laughs here and there! A shout out to the renegade community for their kindness and camaraderie!

 Can you share a little bit more about yourself?

I was born and raised in Toledo, Ohio. I have been married to my husband Pete for 21 years. We moved away for schooling and then returned to this area in 2007. We are raising 3 vibrant busy boys. Charlie is 16, Sam is 13 and Jack is 11. It has been amazing to watch how children have coped with this pandemic and we can learn a lot from them.  We have picked up a new girlfriend, new BMX racing and an interest in studying the universe with a new telescope. 

I am blessed with my family and we live in a fantastic neighborhood full of wonderful friends. We as a family have definitely embraced the outdoors this year and physical fitness has been incorporated in all of our lives.

By day (and night), I work as an OBGYN. I am very much looking forward to 2021 and the new challenges it will bring. I pray that we all remain healthy and dedicated to ourselves and our journey.  I am going to continue to work hard at Renegade and live each day to the fullest.....


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