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Safe Snacking

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Safe Snacking

Your Guide to Snacking Safely - From Coach Austin


I don’t like the bad rap that snacking receives.  It’s a classic culprit in why someone fell off the wagon. 


“I have to get my snacking under control.”  How many times have you thought this to yourself?


Now, most of the time, when we mean “snacks”, we mean more “junk” food items. Like chips, cookies, crackers, etc.  I’ll level with you… I love all these foods.  I’m a big Chips Ahoy guy. With a glass of milk. However, I also understand that eating a whole box of Chips Ahoy in a weekend might not be the best move for my health and fitness goals, even though I have done it and could totally still do it, too.


Instead of being 100% restrictive, here are some quick tips on how to have your cake and eat it, too.

  1. Put your fun foods back further in the pantry. Make it harder to see. Put other items in front. If you can’t see the chips, you won’t go for them. 

  2. Never leave the kitchen with the bag/box.  Everyone has good intentions with this one, but my personal stats make this an effective strategy for me. Pour a serving in a bowl and put it back. Eat a serving, then wrap it up.  If I leave with it, I’m not sure I won’t finish it.

  3. Enjoy your food. This one is more about mindfulness. If you are eating something awesome, take a moment to recognize that! I’ve found that this helps me slow down my total consumption and promotes a more pleasant snacking experience.


If you don’t happen to follow through, that’s okay! Forgive yourself for any indulgences, and try to do a little better next time. No biggie!


Of course, we could always replace our “unhealthy” snacks with something a little more nutrient dense. But what fun is that? And more importantly, how sustainable is that for you? That’s up to you to weigh out in the end. If you find you can go your whole life without eating another Lay’s potato chip, that’s great! If eating them brings you joy, make a sustainable plan to keep them in your pantry.


Safe snacking!

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