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We want to be more than just a gym! Over the years working as personal trainers in traditional big box gyms, we became increasingly underwhelmed by the service being provided to gym members. People we trained would admit to feeling intimidated by other members, unwelcome by the staff, and unmotivated to get to the gym. On top of all this, they felt lost and alone on days they weren’t working with a trainer and would end up skipping workouts because of it. We saw poor quality workouts created by trainers who didn’t care whether or not their clients got results. Nobody seemed to want to be there. Working out felt more like a chore than a fun, feel-good experience.

We knew we needed to change this. We set out to create a space where working out is actually fun! We want your gym to be a place you couldn’t wait to come back to!

We seek to break the trend that we saw in the personal training industry, where trainers worked for a paycheck rather than for their client’s success.

We are determined to improve the quality of personal training in our area by constantly pursuing the most up to date, effective training methods and providing the highest level of training and instruction.

We want you to have a roadmap – an individualized plan of action in order to take the guesswork out of working out. We want to give you all of our knowledge and all of our experience in order to get you the results you are looking for!

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