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  • How Kevin Lost 40lbs During Quarantine

    How Kevin Lost 40lbs During Quarantine

    Making the Most of this Quarantine Quagmire When COVID hit the US and I learned I would not be working or for the most part leaving my apartment at all for the foreseeable future, I decided I needed to take advantage of that time and do something I’d been telling myself I was going to do for a while: lose some weight. Around 5 years ago I became interested in powerlifting and so my training became dedicated to increasing my strength (particularly in the “big 3” lifts: squat, bench press, and deadlift).In order to achieve this goal I started increasing my food intake. A lot. Over 5 years that had started to spiral out of control. My strength did improve ....

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  • October Renegade of the Month

    October Renegade of the Month

    What brought you to Renegade Fitness in the first place? I’ve been working out for years. When my gym closed last September, I was on the hunt for a new one. I tried a few locations, asmaller gym, a big chain fitness center and even CrossFit. I didn’t care for any of them.My friends had joined Renegade but I didn’twant to make the drive from Maumee. In January I quit working out all together. Of course onceI was ready to start looking for another gym in March the pandemic hit. Once the gyms opened up in June, with a little encouragement from my friends and Coach Marizol, I decided to give Renegade a shot, and have been there almost everyday since! What are ....

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  • How often should you workout?

    We all go into workouts with our own set of goals and expectations.That can often bring up the question: how often should you work out and which workouts are best? As you can imagine, there's no simple formula that's right for everyone. The ideal breakdown between strength training, cardio, and rest days will vary from individual to individual. If you are reading this post, I am going to assume you are not a high level athlete and simply want to become stronger, lose some unwanted body fat and generally feel like you have enough energy and confidence to take on anything your day has in store! If you want to work out 4-5 days per week, and are working on both strength and ....

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  • Running Shoes VS Training Shoes

    WHAT IS THE DIFFERENCE BETWEEN RUNNING AND TRAINING SHOES? Cross-trainer shoes are designed to play multiple roles. You can use them in the gym for almost any activity — lifting weights, your yoga class, using the elliptical machine, stretching, or a Zumba workout. Running shoes, on the other hand, are specifically designed for people who pound the pavement, the track or the trail. Running shoes are for RUNNING. Look, running shoes are fabulous. I own several pairs of them. And do you know what I do with them? I run in them or simply walk. That’s about it.You wanna know why? Because running shoes are … (wait for it) … forrunning. Somehow running shoes ....

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  • Renegade ReOpen Safe Plan

    Renegade ReOpen Safe Plan

    OPENING GUIDELINES 1. Facility occupancy will be limited each hour to a restricted number of clients based upon the standards set by the state of OH. 2. Members will have access to their own equipment during their training sessions that does not need to be shared with other members. Any and all equipment that is shared during the training sessions hour will be sanitized before it changes hands. See the picture above for our new pod fitnessmodel for our group program. There will be several variations of the pod and in each you will have your OWN equipment for each portion of the workout along with your own disinfectant station. 3. Members will remain 6-8 feet ....

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  • #RenegdeStrong– A Stronger Community Program

    #RenegdeStrong– A Stronger Community Program

    What you get as part of the ​21 Day #RenegdeStrong– A Stronger Community Program:
    ​ • Daily Lessons. • Daily Accountability Check-ins - we know you may be trapped at home, with or without little humans, you might need somebody holding you accountable from eating yourself crazy and bingeing on Disney+ Netflix or Hulu. • Bodyweight workouts -- you read that right, you don't need access to ANY equipment. If you do have equipment, you can simply add the weights to make the exercises more challenging! We will provide provide options for both resistance bands and weights! 100% of the money coming in from this will be used to support local businesses affected by ....

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  • Febuary Renegade Of The Month

    Febuary Renegade Of The Month

    What brought you toRenegadeFitnessinthe
    first place?

    Most recently it's because I was still wearing maternity clothes 2 years after having my twins. I know from past experiences with weight gain and lose, that I had to focus more on my diet then the workout but I didn't know where to start. Keto? Paleo? Intermittent fasting? Weight watchers? They all seemed temporary, I needed more of a lifestyle change. So when I saw the 28-Day Kickstart program I knew I had to try it. At first my progress was slow but I'm sure it's because my body was in shock. How can you go from eating out breakfast lunch and dinner to packing and using a food scale? But I kept with it and I'm ....

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  • Marathon Training Special

    Marathon Training Special

    We are excited to help you run your best race! For the past 9 years we have been helping runners just like you feel and perform their best! If you are training for the Glass City Marathon this year, (Relay, 5k, Half, or Full) we would love to help! This year we are offering 2 special strength training programs to compliment your running routine. OPTION 1 - Starting Monday Jan 27th Group Training Option 1- 12 Week 2x Weekly Training $249 (reg. $299) Option 2- 8 Week 2x Weekly Training $149 (reg. $199) More information on our group program click here OPTION 2 - Starting Monday Feb 24th Semi Private Personal Training Option 1- 12 Week 1x Per Week ....

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  • January Renegade Of The Month

    January Renegade Of The Month

    What brought you toRenegadeFitnessinthefirst place?
    I have always heard that once you turn 50, things simply change. Like most individuals, I did not think it would happen to me, but I was wrong. As I am dealing with physical, emotional and psychological changes with myself, life’s demands continue to evolve and it takes a concerted effort to be my best as a teacher, wife, mother and daughter. I decided that what I was currently doing to take care of myself was simply not enough and that I needed help. I discovered an advertisement for Renegade on social media and thought I would take advantage of a two-week trial. This opportunity turned out to be the best decision I made in ....

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    Deal #1 Limited to first 10
    14-Days Unlimited Group Training Trial- $29 (reg. $59) ==>Click her to learn more about our Group Training Program Deal #2 Limited to first 2
    14-Day Semi Private Trial - $59 (reg. $99) (4 customized Small Group Personal Training sessions.) *Times available* 4 Spots at 7am, 8am or 10:15am 2 Spot at 5pm or 6pm ==>Click Here to Learn more about our Semi Private Program The trial options are a great way to fully experience the training programs offered at Renegade Fitness, as well as our amazing fitness community and team! Deal #3 Limited to first 10
    January 28-Day KickStart Nutrition Coaching Program Option 1 $99 (reg. $149) ....

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