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  • How fast do you lose your fitness?

    You were on a roll. In a consistent workout routine. Feeling better, gaining strength and feeling confident in your routine. Then BAM! That little thing called life comes along and forces you out of your routine. Work projects, change in family routines, winter sickness and the list goes on. While this can initially feel quite defeating, the good news is your fitness won’t disappear overnight. So what exactly are the effects on your fitness level if you get out of routine and start missing time with your regular workouts? On this subject there hasn’t been a ton of studies done, but here is what the research suggests: The first thing you lose will be your ....

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  • The New Age of Fitness: What you should look for in a fitness coach/personal trainer

    I don’t take fitness coaching lightly.Growing up, I did not have the resources to learn how to train correctly. My gym teachers were of little to no help, and everything online or in magazines was too “cookie-cutter” for someone like me.Unfortunately, some trainers and gyms have not adapted to the changing times.Not everyone (most people) is meant to be a bodybuilder or powerlifter. Most people just want to feel and move better, and I’m very happy to see the fitness industry move in this direction, as I feel it provides more value in the outside world.Fitness does not live in a vacuum, so if you’re going to be receiving direction on your fitness ....

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  • I’m Ready To Be Hurt Again: how to recover from your minor injuries and your break ups, too

    Uh oh! You’ve just tweaked your back again, and you can tell this one is gonna be a doozy.How are you gonna deal? What’s the best way to get back to pain-free living?Well, I’ve found recovering from your injuries is a lot like recovering from your break-ups. There’s a moment of pain, a period of challenging self-care, and a re-emergence as a stronger you. So, if you have just injured yourself, or if that bad boy on a motorcycle just broke your heart, here is a step-by-step approach to getting back out there and living as your true, pain-free self. Step 1: Soothing Your Soul/Managing Your Pain . Okay, so immediately post injury or break up, ....

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  • Maneuvering Your Holiday Diet

    The last holiday weekend of the summer is officially here. Labor Day is on Monday, marking the unofficial end of summer and heralding the start of fall. You may already be scared to screw up in a situation youknow will be challenging. I'm here to let you know that you are okay. Using a few simple strategies you don't have to stress holiday weekends and other social events. If we go about them well, we can have the best of both worlds. We can indulge in the things we like with the people we love and avoid unnecessary weight gain. Here's how: 1.Exercise. If we know we are going to be indulging a bit and taking in some extra calories, we have to plan to burn a few more as ....

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  • Sit Up Straight! Why “shoulders down and back” won’t fix your posture. Pt. 2

    In part 1, I briefly mentioned the variance in posture across the population. These variances are just the body’s different strategies to the load placed on it over time. Because your lives are unique, your body developed uniquely! Some strategies to defy gravity, or load, are ingrained within you. Factors include genetics (always), environment (Who did you learn movement from?), and unique trauma (injuries and psychological). Other factors are ones you can help, like your hobbies and occupation. Having a desk job versus an active one will likely affect how your body looks over time. However, we can combat these factors by mastering what’s known as “the stack” and ....

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  • Sit Up Straight! Why “shoulders down and back” won’t fix your posture. Pt. 1.

    You look at your parents that have slouched forward more and more over time and think, “I don’t wanna look like that.” (I do this with my dad). You jump into action: read a few articles, focus on keeping yourself rigid while at your desk at work, do some doorway stretches to “open up the shoulders.” But nothing really works, right? At least not completely. Or something distracts you. Your boss decided to switch to aluminum-free deodorant this week, and though you feel bad, you hunch and turn whenever they get too close. Then when they leave, you forget about your posture, and you relax into the position that’s most comfortable. Life happens. And while ....

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  • Safe Snacking

    Safe Snacking

    Your Guide to Snacking Safely - From Coach Austin I don’t like the bad rap that snacking receives. It’s a classic culprit in why someone fell off the wagon. “I have to get my snacking under control.” How many times have you thought this to yourself? Now, most of the time, when we mean “snacks”, we mean more “junk” food items. Like chips, cookies, crackers, etc. I’ll level with you… I love all these foods. I’m a big Chips Ahoy guy.With a glass of milk.However, I also understand that eating a whole box of Chips Ahoy in a weekend might not be the best move for my health and fitness goals, even though I ....

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  • January Renegade Of the Month

    January Renegade Of the Month

    We are excited to celebrate a very special hard working Renegade couple this month Billy and Lindsay! We’re thankful to be a continued part of their health + fitness journey and for them sharing her RF story with everyone! What first brought you to Renegade Fitness? We moved to Sylvania after 7+ years in Chicago (Lindsay grew up here) and were looking for a more complete workout experience than the boutique studios that had become our norm. And while we didn’t expect a global pandemic to shut everything down only a month in, the generosity of Chris & Jen to loan out equipment during lockdown ended up saving our butts. We felt fortunate to join when we did! ....

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  • New Years Resolutions (And What To Do Instead)

    New Years Resolutions (And What To Do Instead)

    2020 was...Different! The good news is the New Year is near! This usually means you get a clean slate. 2020 is behind you. However, while 2021 is a New Year we have to be more specific about our approach if we want to actually hit our goals. With that said, we absolutely love the refresh January 1st offers. Goal setting is a significant part of our lives, but we’re not changed by New Year's Resolutions. Here's our 2021 wish for you: We want you to be the architect of your life this year with the right focus and guidance. What kind of changes do you want for your body? Your mind? Your relationships? How will you manage work-life balance? What ....

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  • December Renegade of the month

    December Renegade of the month

    What brought you toRenegadeFitnessinthe first place? I believe that many women spend most of their life taking care of others and there comes a time when we wake up and decide to take some of our life back, to start taking care of ourselves again. That day came for me when I walked through the doors at Renegade Fitness several years ago and started a new journey. I had definitely put my health and well being on the back burner and it wastime to start focusing on a healthier life. I must admit I am a sucker for Facebook adds and when I scrolled across an add for Renegade Fitness I decided to try it. I will also admit that I was little intimidated, intimidated by " a work out ....

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